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Getting Married in the Algarve

Destination Wedding in The Algarve - your dream come true in the sun !

With wedding bells in the air, love and joy all around, you’ll be thinking of where to hold this momentous occasion. So, the moment that all this excitement is followed by the inevitable headache of arrangements, which can be overwhelming, stop and take a seat. Close your eyes and relax. Imagine yourself with a glass of champagne relaxing on a sun lounger with your feet up and family and friends all around you. A warm breeze ruffles the hems of your much admired dress and the man of your dreams is beside you. This is the atmosphere an Algarve wedding could offer you.

The Algarve can deliver an unforgettable experience which you will remember forever and exceed all your expectations. Whether you are planning a small and intimate wedding or a large lavish celebration, the Algarve can deliver in bucket and spade loads. Choose the Algarve to get married and take advantage of one of our many beautiful beaches for a romantic ceremony, perhaps a high cliff top setting or simply stunning gardens, all creating the perfect scene for your special day.

Whatever your venue choice, SandyBlue can help: our books are full of exquisite Villas and Apartments, all of which have perfect accomodation for for your wedding guests or yourselves. SandyBlue has something for everyone. We have accommodation in superb resorts with beauty spas and kids clubs. Beautifully located on the golden Algarve coastline between the luxurious resorts of Quinta do Lago and Vale do Lobo, Dunas Douradas Beach Club enjoys an enviable position. Imagine the smell of the ocean and the sound of the waves breaking on the shoreline as you wake from a relaxing sleep. The Spa at Dunas Douradas Beach Club Algarve is a place of tranquility and relaxation. It offers beauty treatments and massage; and peace of mind from the moment you step. Just steps away from the ocean, the dream is within reach. We have a selection of DDBC Villas and DDBC Apartments to find the property perfect for you!

Another option to accomodate all your family and friends in one location - have a look at Encosta do Lago Resort. All the facilities you need in one place. Have a look at the resort here at Encosta Do Lago.

If a villa is where you would like to hold your special day, look no further. The entire wedding could be here. Let the world come to you! Our stunning holiday apartments can accommodate all your guests. If you want to be independent but stay close together, Jardins do Golfe is ideal. It is a very private, secure and pretty complex, with no through traffic, in Vale do Lobo. It is only a short distance to the lively and up market Vale do Lobo Praça and the beach. Set within large well maintained gardens, a fabby pool, separate children’s pool and play area, your guests will love it and you will be happy having everyone nearby. Click here for all our Jardins do Golfe apartments.

As far as the legal and paperwork end of it, don’t worry. It’s easy once you know, and we can put you in touch with exactly the right people to help you. Below is all the info you need to know to get the show on the road:-

Both civil and Roman Catholic church marriages are recognised in Portugal. Civil marriages take place at the Civil Registry Office (Conservatória do Registo Civil) in the area of residence and must be booked at least one month before. The nearest office to us is in Faro.

To begin the marriage process you need to present the following documents to the Civil Registry Office: Proof of residence or passport; birth certificate; a certificate of no impediment issued by the national's Consulate in Portugal; in the case of a previous marriage, a certified copy of the death certificate (certidão de óbito) of the deceased spouse or a certified copy of the final divorce decree; and a Baptismal certificate is necessary for those who wish to marry in a Roman Catholic church. All documents must be translated into Portuguese by a certified translator.

Once you have received approval to get married, the marriage must take place within three months. Marriage banns must be published prior to the wedding and the chosen marital regime must be mentioned on the banns. Civil weddings are conducted in Portuguese in the presence of at least two and at the most four witnesses. Once the registry wedding has taken place the couple will receive a marriage certificate (certidão do casamento) and you can go on to have the destination wedding of your dreams.

A few other nitty-gritty things you need to know:- One of the marrying parties must have been resident in Portugal for 30 days before notice of the intended marriage can be given. This gives you a fantastic opportunity to come out and explore the area and stay in control of all arrangements. Why not host your Hen Night and Stag Party here in one of our recommended venues and top up on your tan, ready for the Big Day! You will look and feel amazing! Check out reception venues too. Monty’s Restaurant in Vale do Lobo will offer you an unforgettable night’s entertainment. For fine dining in an enviable location, Sandbanks Fish and Seafood restaurant packs a punch in flavour, service and scene. SandyBlue can arrange for special rates and discounts with local restaurants - contact us for more details.

Roman Catholic weddings can take place in any licenced church and the Algarve is full of both the quaint and the ancient, all an easy ride from your SandyBlue villa or apartment. Documents required will include those above (aside from divorce documents) as well as baptism, first communion and confirmation certificates.

A civil ceremony must precede religious ceremonies for all other denominations/faiths and the marriage certificate should be made available. Arrangements for the church service can be made directly with the local clergyman, Rabbi or Mullah. The Algarve has several Anglican, Evangelical as well as Buddhist and other alternative centres. Gay weddings can take place in Portugal in the form of a Civil Union (União de Facto). This is a registered partnership that legally recognises a couple (same-sex and heterosexual) and brings to the union certain legal recognitions. This civil union may be entered into by any Portuguese citizen or legal foreign resident provided they have lived with their partner for a minimum of two years.

If this all seems daunting, it’s not – honestly - because the SandyBlue team are here to help and have all the contacts you need. We can put you in touch with translators and any legal advisors as well as finding all the people you need to link up with for a flawless event. The SandyBlue network includes recognised wedding planners, varieties of musicians and entertainers throughout the Algarve, dress designers and caterers.

For your unforgettable sunshine wedding in the Algarve, get in touch with SandyBlue and we will take it from there.

Special Offer: SandyBlue have a selection of Villas and Apartment with great offers - Grab a quick holiday while you finalise the wedding venues!

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