SandyBlue Green Policy

As the leading Algarve villa rental specialists, we are committed to a green and better future for everyone. We have been making several changes within our business to support this, to help both the Algarve and the whole world.

Why SandyBlue have gone Green

Spearheaded by co-owners Joe Mountain and Anastasia Takield, SandyBlue’s mission is to lessen our environmental footprint without compromising the quality of our guests’ experience by increasing the use of more eco-friendly, sustainable methods of operation. Today, a green footprint is important to so many people, even the most seasoned of travellers.

Joe and Anastasia care about the Algarve region, its people, and their wonderful team of experts. This extends to all our guests from around the world and we believe a commitment to sustainability is the next step in demonstrating this.

What we are doing

SandyBlue want to see a positive social and environmental impact, so we are implementing new eco-friendly practises/initiatives to demonstrate our commitment to sustainability.

  1. Waste reduction
    Eliminating single use plastic, a move to paperless operations and a new recycling initiative
  2. Water
    Minimising water usage by encouraging guests to be mindful of water and towel usage with new signage. We also use the Pure Water Filtration System for window cleaning, which means there is no need to squeegee the water from the window. It delivers outstanding results while remaining environmentally friendly with no chemicals required
  3. Energy
    Using highly efficient appliances (A+) and LED lighting has been installed in most office areas and exclusive properties
  4. Mindfulness of nature
    The team are sponsoring a Chameleon egg hatching initiative and are currently awaiting the hatching of eggs! We are also promoting more nature related activities to guests. This is to support a local charity Rias (Ria Formosa wild animals research & recovery centre.) SandyBlue guests will also be offered an opt-out charge of 1€ that will be donated to this charity
  5. Clean travel
    We are promoting electric bicycles/bicycles instead of cars. We will also provide walking, running, and cycling maps to all guests
  6. Involving the community
    To improve our green footprint, we will also be supporting the local community. Using local suppliers, switching to locally sourced, eco-friendly amenities and encouraging best recycling practices from local producers
  7. Communicating our message
    All properties will have new signage which promotes our green message to all guests
  8. Our team
    We will manage and evolve our policy when needed, with the whole team receiving ongoing sustainability training

The future is green

SandyBlue are fully committed to a green future. Furthermore, legal compliance is important to us, so everything we do will be in line with environmental legislation, Equality Act 2010 and Modern Slavery Act 2015.