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Travelling with Food Intolerances

If you suffer from food intolerances it can often be difficult to maintain the required diet when you travel to a foreign country on holiday. With strict luggage restrictions nowadays, you may even have to sacrifice that new bikini to fit the gluten free bread in. Don’t do it!

At SandyBlue, we want to make sure that you have the most relaxing holiday possible so we have done some local research for you! The international supermarket in Almancil, Apolonia, stocks lots of great gluten free products. You can even arrange for your groceries to be delivered to your door so all that’s left for you to do is chill out on that sun lounger.

There is also a natural shop in Almancil called Mundo Saudavel, meaning Healthy World. The shop provides homemade, organic , dried, chilled and frozen foods. Better yet, SandyBlue clients get a 5% discount! Just let us know and we can give you the voucher to take with you when you go there.

Check out these great tips for eating out so that you can still treat yourself without breaking the rules!

Don’t let language barriers get in the way either!... download handy keywords that you might need to know here.

For great, intolerance-friendly recipes, particularly for kids, visit 2 Girls With a Food Blog where the month of February is “Allergy Month”.

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Because we live and work in the Algarve we know all that's on offer to make sure you get the right holiday.

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