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Pet Friendly Holidays

Flights booked….check! Accommodation booked….check! Bags packed….check! But suddenly you look down at the little four-legged member of the family and you get those puppy dog eyes that say “you’re not leaving me here alone again are you!?”. Well now you have the solution!! Our apartments in Encosta do Lago are the perfect, pet-friendly properties if you give in to the puppy dog eyes and decide to bring your pet on holidays.

We have a selection of 2-Bedroom-Pet-Friendly-Apartments and 3-Bedroom-Pet-Friendly Apartments.

Check out the Apartments - let us know your preferred dates and we will take it from there to ensure you have a great holiday with your pet!

With ferry connections from the UK it’s easy to pack up the car and the dog and head for the hills…. Or the beach in this case! Travelling from Ireland? No problem! Stena Line provide a landbridge service where you can book both your ferry to the UK and your ferry to Spain all at once. The better news is that booking it with Stena Line often ends up making the trip cheaper than booking the two ferries separately. For clients travelling from Europe, the motorway systems through Germany, France and Spain make what seems like a long journey more of a scenic adventure. Plan your route using AA route planner online… it even calculates your estimated fuel consumption.

If you don’t fancy taking a “car-cation”, then there are also plenty of airlines that will take pets on board. There are regulations associated with travelling pets and information on these can be found online. Some airlines won’t accept pets so do make sure to double check before you click confirm. Check out British Airways, Thomson and Monarch.

Having trouble transporting your pet? Ask the experts! Animal Couriers are an established company that have transported pets all over the world. You can even track your pets journey on their blog! Visit their website for more information.

Once you arrive, your pet will be in paradise! The comfortable heat from autumn to spring means that they can enjoy the outdoors. Dogs will love the walking trails and spacious beaches where they can explore new territory. Lots of restaurants have outdoor eating areas too which means that in most cases you will be allowed to keep your pet alongside you. Make sure to check with the staff first though!

The apartments in Encosta do Lago are quite spacious and if you take a ground floor property you will benefit from a garden and maybe even a pool. While pets are not permitted to swim in the pools they can, at least, enjoy the outdoors. It might be an idea to take some of your pets favourite toys with you too so that they have some home comforts to play with!

In summer time, the temperature can be quite high and has even been known to reach into the forties. It’s essential to ensure that you keep your pet comfortable in the heat. If you’ve come from a colder climate they probably won’t be used to it and the last thing you want is for them to be out of sorts. Make sure to provide your pet with plenty of water to keep them hydrated. Encourage them to stay in shaded areas especially during the middle of the day when the temperatures will be at their hottest. If your animal is due for a groom, it might even be worth scheduling to have this done before you leave so that their coat is nice and thin.

International, well-known brands of dog and cat food are available at the international supermarket in Almancil. You can have a look on their online shop before you leave to make sure that your regular food is available. In fact, you can even order your shopping online and schedule it to be delivered to your apartment on the day you arrive. That way, both you and your furry friend can grab a meal before heading out to enjoy the sun. Check online here!

We hope that this information provides you with some insight into the ups and downs of travelling with pets. If you need any further advice or assistance please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to help you book your next pet-friendly holiday! In the meantime, check out this helpful website that helps with everything relating to travelling with your pets!

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